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Anne brings State of Cheese series to the great state of Illinois with special guests Leslie Cooperband of Prairie Fruits Farm and Martin Johnson of The Joy of Cheese. Together, they discuss how the super fertile land that mots people make use of for corn and soy is also ideal for raising dairy animals and producing added value dairy products. Tune in to learn more about farmstead creameries in Illinois, the marketing behind added value dairy and how pairings and events can help everybody appreciate great cheese without making them go broke! This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch, the nations largest single-source supplier of grassfed and grass finished beef.

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how do you choose the cheeses you make?, which are made a commercial focus, added sheeps milk cheese to their repertoire three years ago, Chicago is an important market, Stephanie Izzard, Girl & The Goat, half of the sales are direct to consumer through farmers market, the other half is to restaurants or distributors, working with restaurants to create cheeses, veterinary students, Amish community, value added dairy, seasonal farming, milk through late February through September, in the mid 80's goats milk blue cheese from Western Illinois was very popular, commercial kitchens, local food dinners, 40-50 guest dinners, guest and in house chefs, from late May to late October, indoor dining in the barn, basic idea is to eat outside and walk around between courses, Joy of Cheese on the road??, raw milk cheese, relationship to inspectors, so far so good for Leslie, Department of Public Health, FDA allows you to make these cheeses as long as they are aged 60 days, internship possibilities, creating local economies from the ground up,, upcoming cheese tastings:, monthly event at d.b.a is this Tuesday, Crunchy, hard cheeses with amino acid crystals, pair well with beers, Feb 1st at 7:30 d.b.a. Brooklyn, Feb 8th, Red Red Wine, crystallized hard cheeses with Red Wines, The Clerkenwell, fromage of the day,,

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