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On the latest episode of Burning Down the House, Curtis welcomes back Duo Dickinson to the show. Together they discuss the role (or lack thereof) that education plays in today's world of architecture. Have we forgotten how to use our hands? What happens when students are asked to actually build something? Is there any truth left in appraising properties? All of these questions and more are answered on a thought provoking, passionate and "crazy" episode of Burning Down the House. This episode was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. For more information visit

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modernism, large buildings have certain demands that lend them well to modernism, there is nothing wrong with ornamentalism, there is something disingenuous with wallpapering buildings without thinking what's behind them, building projects amongst students, pavilions, learning how to do simple construction work, kids had no idea what their ideas meant to the residents, also had no idea how to be durable for Northeastern climate, kids need to be educated before building, moral authority, gravity, gravitas, the truth will out, housing crisis had nothing to do with architecture, markets & debt, Duo's theory, architects are not dissimilar from doctors and lawyers, in the rush to give people home ownership 53% of appraisers felt pressure to overvalue houses, appraisal fraud, irrational pessimism is happening now, profiteering that has taken place, academic corruption, student show at Cooper Union, learn how to draw!, what if the grid goes down?, CAD drafting isn't everything, cyber warfare, dimension busts, younger architects know nothing about getting things done manually,

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