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Dave is finally in the studio on time for another exiting round of Cooking Issues. Dave answers calls about everything chocolate chip cookies to Champagne bubbles and explains how to potentially make vegetarian gelatin. Tune in to hear an update on the Marthafuge situation and hear about the star chefs that will be lining up to cook at The Food Museum fundraiser. This episode was sponsored by Fairway Market - like no other market.

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Dave Arnold, Nastassia Lopez, Cooking Issues, Fairway Market, Heritage Radio Network, kids eating with their hands, turning fruit juice into jello, fish gelatin, you shouldn't need to boil it all, you can probably do it in a smaller amount, fish gelatin usually isn't as strong as regular gelatin, fish gelatin is very variable, beef gelatin, microbial based gelatin, vegetarian gelatin, the perfect chocolate chip cookie, can hydro colloids help?, caller is looking to make soft and chewy cookies, Cracker & Cookie Technology, some people are purists and think you should only use traditional ingredients, products that add viscosity will decrease spread, starch granules, adjust butter sugar ratio, increased flour decreases the spread but increases cakeyness, adjusting oven temperature and temp of the batter before it goes in can help, hydrocolloids probably won't help, next week Dave will be flying out to Florida, North American Food Equipment Manufacturers Show,

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