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On a youth-infused episode of Burning Down the House, Curtis B. Wayne is joined by designer and iconographer Aaron Ginsberg to discuss digital media in a digital world. The digital vs physical debate is revisited through a different lens as Aaron shares his own frustrations with the constraints of digital tools while sharing his excitement for some of the new technologies that are helping us move forward. This episode was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. For more information visit

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digital vs physical content, Howard Stern, when everybody is able to get content at any time in any method - it's the content that matters, Aaron has been scolded by peers for making physical goods, out of box experience, digital media landscape, eBooks can't just be text displayed, content needs to be more interactive, less tactile - more visual and acoustic, becoming more of an illustrator, Wacom tablet, the canvas is your monitor, cintiq tablet, shape dynamics, you can use any pen tip you want, Aaron is using glows, using pre white and applying a Gaussian blur, repeat until it looks like it's actually glowing, graphic content is changing as tools advance, motion graphics, new methods of design, Art Bell, building graphics around algorithms,

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