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Tune into a very informative episode of The Main Course, as Patrick & Katy get a chance to sit down with Stephan Cantor of Deep Mountain Maple, the source for Heritage Foods USA's upcoming maple syrup social buy. Stephan explains the process of making maple syrup - from sap, to tap to bottle. Also, Dave Arnold calls in to share his vision for the Museum of Food and Drink and preview the upcoming "Get the Ball Rolling" fundraiser at Del Posto on March 27th. This episode was sponsored by Whole Foods Market

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Dave Arnold, get the ball rolling event, Museum of Food and Drink, hoping to open in 5 years, you can't start a museum overnight, Michael Batterberry, Food & Wine magazine, Ariane Batterberry, they never took credit for anything, Get The Ball Rolling Fundraiser, themed dishes, Wiley Dufresne cooking caveman food, Mark Ladner - Roman cuisine, spice mixes, plant exchange after the new world and old world met, Carol Mirarchi will cook NY food circa 1794, Nils will be cooking fad diets, museum curriculum, Brooks Headley will be doing Jewish desserts in Italy, The Swine's Wedding, Christina Tossi - space food, HACCP plans, Hall of Grains, history of milling, many cultures are defined by how grains are milled, corn, nixtamalization, Patrick loves taxidermy, Chinese pig genetics, eating will be a big component of the museum, you learn the most when you can smell touch and taste, street vendors,,,
sugaring, Vermont, grading, caramelization, Deep Mountain Maple, Stephan Cantor, maple syrup, moving away from the bucket system to tubing, drop line, plastic tubing, maple sugaring is very weather dependent, each tree produces a quart to a half gallon of syrup per season, sap to syrup ratio is about 40 to 1, sugar bushes, the Cantor family taps a little over 5000 trees, year round sales at Union Square greenmarket, sugar shack vs sugar house, the art of boiling, take the sap and reduce it to syrup, evaporate the water away as quickly as possible, boil very shallow, it turns into maple syrup at the very end, syrup hydrometer, ratio of water to sugar, laws in Vermont are very strict, graded by color, the darker the syrup the stronger the flavor, flavor profiles, buttery taste, Grade A Dark Amber is the most traditionally maple flavor, its all personal preference,
nutritional values of maple syrup, minerals, like honey in a sense, maple syrup diet, Master Cleanse, cleansing fast, lemon juice, maple syrup, Cayenne pepper, there is no refining in any maple syrup, its all fine to use for the cleansing fast, you don't have to use grade b, granulated maple sugar, can replace white sugar, who first figured out how to extract maple syrup, history of maple syrup, Native Americans, commercially made maple syrup, maple syrup is the ultimate slow food, the trees take their time, reverse osmosis, maple syrup is graded only by color, inferior tasting syrups can slip through the cracks, high mountain sugar bushes, the Roberta's of the Northeast Kingdom is Parker Pie, just like Roberta's just with more layers of clothing, Bread & Puppet museum, puppet theater for grownups, taste the syrup at Union Square market every Friday and Saturday year round, many restaurants in the city carry the syrup,,

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