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This week on Cooking Issues, Dave welcomes friend of the show Harold McGee back to the program. Dave & Harold answer email questions from listeners about everything from earthy aromas to miracle walnuts. Tune in to learn why you should always brine BEFORE cooking, how to properly smoke sausage, why mummies were once thought to be medicinal, how proteins denature and much much more on Cooking Issues. This episode was sponsored by The Museum of Food & Drink

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horseradish, Dave Arnold, Cooking Issues, Heritage Radio Network, Museum of Food & Drink, Harold McGee, rotary evaporator, first time user, maximizing it, habeneros, separating heat from aroma, using a rotary evaporator for earthy aromas, you have to nail the concentration just right or it will taste like dirt, water based distillate, de-oak liquors, don't use automatic distillation, fermented cigar leaves, reduced fat milk and whey in yogurt, heat milk at 180 before you make yogurt, protein denatures, acidic brines, flavor molecules are much bigger than salts, smoking sausage, cherry chipotle pork sausage, cooking sausage, overcooking, don't smoke sausages much over 140, water bath at 140 and then grill to get a crusty outside, temperature control, just because its a sausage doesn't mean you should mistreat it,

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