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12:OO - 12:45 /// The Main Course
1:OO-1:3O /// Eat Your Words
2:OO-2:3O /// Arts & Seizures
3:OO-4:OO /// The Morning After
4:3O-5:3O /// Snacky Tunes
1O:OO-1O:3O /// Wild Game Domain
11:OO-11:3O /// Inside School Food
12:OO-12:3O /// What Doesn't Kill You
1:OO-1:3O /// Tech Bites
2:OO-2:3O /// Radio Cherry Bombe
3:OO-3:4O /// We Dig Plants
5:OO-5:3O /// Cutting the Curd
6:OO-6:3O /// Animal Instinct
7:OO-7:3O /// Fuhmentaboudit!
8:OO-8:3O /// Eating Disorder
12:OO-12:45 /// Cooking Issues
1:OO-1:3O /// Let's Get Real
2:OO-2:3O /// Sharp & Hot
3:OO-3:3O /// The Food Seen
4:OO-4:3O /// Greenhorns Radio
5:OO-5:45 /// Beer Sessions Radio (TM)
7:OO-7:3O /// Roberta's Radio
1O:OO - 1O:3O /// In the Drink
11:OO-11:3O /// Taste Matters
12:OO-12:45 /// Chef's Story
1:OO - 1:3O /// After the Jump
2:OO-2:45/// WORD OF MOUTH
3:OO-3:3O /// The Speakeasy
4:OO-4:45 /// All in the Industry
5:OO-5:45 /// Cereal
11:OO - 11:3O /// Native
12:OO - 12:3O /// A Taste of the Past
1:OO - 1:3O /// The Farm Report
3:OO-3:3O /// Eating Matters
4:OO - 5:OO /// Food Talk with Mike Colameco
6:OO-6:45 /// Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen
7:3O-8:3O /// Full Service Radio
9:OO-1O:3O /// GUNWASH
My Welcome Table
How Great Cities Are Fed
Joshua David Stein Variety Hour...Half Hour
the business of The Business
The Whole Shebang
Edible Alphabet
Heritage Breeds
Manhattan Cocktail Classic Coverage Pizza Party
No Chefs Allowed
Anastasia's Fridge
It's More Than Food
Straight from the Source
Metropolitan Ave
Summer of Food
HRN on Sandy
Everything's On the Table
Hot Grease
U Look Hungry
The Naturalist
Burning Down the House
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This week's guest on Chef's Story is none other than Missy Robbins, Executive Chef of A Voce in NYC. Hear how she discovered food growing up in Connecticut and traded art, psychology and photography for gastronomy. Find out how staging for Charlie Trotter eventually turned into a move to New York City to work in various kitchens and eventually become the Executive Chef at Spiaggia and then A Voce. Like many chefs, moving up the ranks in the restaurant world helped shape Missy's technique and perspective immensely. From managing staff to developing style - get to know one of the most interesting and dedicated chefs working in America today. This program was sponsored by 360 Cookware.

"To the young chefs listening - in hindsight I wish I had gone to work for one more chef. I could have used one or two more years gaining more skills... Once you get to a certain level, it's hard to go back." [26:28]

"When I've made people sous chefs in my kitchens that don't have the skill level, it backfires - on them because they're gunning for a job they aren't ready for and on me because they can't lead my cooks." [30:32]

"After 5 years of working with a chef you don't know who's food your cooking any more - you've morphed together and hopefully have a synergy you're working with." [40:01]

--chef Missy Robbins on Chef's Story

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