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This week on The Main Course Patrick and Katy hosted the venerable nutritionist, activist and writer Marion Nestle, author of a myriad of books on cooking and nutrition and former chairperson of the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at NYU.

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Food Politics, childhood obesity, food marketing, calories in food supply has gone way up in the United States, 3900 calories a day, there is twice as much food available than everybody needs, our food supply is privitized, you need to regulate, our government doesn't regulate many things, food safety, HACCP, it's un-American to regulate, sugar is regulated, tariffs are in place that benefit a few large corporations, high fructose corn syrup, corn growers are subsidized, cheaper than sugar, Michael Pollan, high fructose corn syrup vs sugar, corn is going to ethanol so high fructose corn syrup is more expensive, sucrose, if farm subsidies stopped farmers would go out of business, we need an agricultural policy that will promote public health, Tom Vilsack is not as bad as he's made out to be, Know Your Farmer Initiative, USDA vs FDA, we need ONE food agency, Dietary Guidelines have never made clear statements about eating less foods, they sometimes urge you to eat less of a certain nutrient, 40% of added sugars in America come from soft drinks,
Marion follows her own advice in terms of diet, Rapid Fire!, Suppliments & Vitamins, Vitamin D is really complicated, it's not a vitamin, it's made with your skin when you're out in the sun, Health Care, Genetically Modified Foods, they started with tomatoes, flavor saver tomato, started with a company in California, they were proud that it was genetically engineered, The Politics of Food Safety, gluten allergies and genetically modified grain?, doubtful, rates of gluten intolerance are increasing and nobody knows why, Gas Drilling, Gulf Coast oil spill, The Center for Science & The Public Interest, advocate group for nutrition and food advocacy, why are there not more nutritionists like Marion speaking up?, New York University, Senior Nutrition Policy Adviser, writing a book is not easy!, forces you to make things understandable, European Food Safety Authority,
Michael Kaney, Sam Edwards, Edwards VA Ham, S Wallace Edwards & Sons, Hearst Ranch, grass fed and grass finished, Sam is here for the Fancy Food Show, pasture raised Berkshire pork, Surryano Hams, peanut finished pigs, Edwards uses the pork Heritage Foods USA sends them for sausages and hams, chefs don't use many hams, the whole animal needs to be used, one chef can't use a whole pig, California grows happy cows, in northern California there are many small farms popping up, Brian Kenny is on the line!, cryovac is very important to the livelihood of a meat company, mobile Hearst unit, we need to embrace what we are rather than be something that we aren't, how many butchers are there left?, most supermarkets just cut steaks, new show with Dave Arnold coming soon!,

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