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This week, on the premiere episode of Cooking Issues Dave Arnold took caller's queries and covered a wide berth of topics, touching on everything from dry ice and gin to brisket and french fries. Callers got the scoop on the best commercial vacuum sealers, how to tenderize tough cuts of meat, and how to cook using an induction unit (electromagnetic waves!). Don't miss this new and exciting addition to the HRN team! This episode was hosted by Barterhouse: purveyors of the finest imported wines from across the world.
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new techinques in the kitchen, french fries, they are problematic, you want a crispy outside, don't want it to taste greasy, the potato should taste like an actual potato, any idiot can make a donut that taste good when it's hot, the challange is to make fried food that taste good when it's cold, with drying and blanching you get hollow fries, they ended up soaking the fries in an enzyme, dried ice is much easier to store than liquid nitrogen, if you chill a drink with dried ice it will carbonate a little bit, serving chilled drinks at a party, liquid nitrogen's cooling capacity is similar to normal ice, Dave has a lot of gripes with gin and tonics, different gins are good for different purposes, Hendrix, a good gateway gin is Plymouth, dried ice is kind of expensive, it's easy to get cold burns from dry ice, use gloves when handling,
induction unit, the most efficient way to cook, uses electricity, it literally heats the pan by using an oscillating magnetic field, our electricity is more expensive than our gas, vacuum packing machine, repackaging meat into usable sizes,, if you're vacuuming to put something in the fridge or freezer you want a heavy vacuum, your product needs to be very cold before you vacuum, if you're using it to cook a hard vacuum will change the texture of the meat when it's cooked, Food Saver guided the way for the consumer public to start thinking of this stuff, circulators, cooking brisket, brisket is a tough cut of meat, treat it like a braise, 24 hour marination, the next caller is live from Thailand!, suvee tenderloin, connective tissue,

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