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This week on Cooking Issues Dave discussed the best way to "pre-batch" cocktails and his scientific research into the difference between stirring and shaking mixed drinks. He also recounted a trip to Maine wherein, with the help of a twenty-pound monster lobster, he attempted to disprove the adage that bigger lobsters taste worse. Plus Dave describes the origins of the most exotic of all exotic meats (lion, badgers, and bears, oh my) and where you can purchase and consume manna from heaven. This episode was sponsored byHearst Ranch: purveyors of grass-fed beef grazing on the beautiful coast of San Simeon, CA.

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Heritage Radio Network, Hearst Ranch, Dave Arnold, Cooking Issues, www.cookingissues.com, Mike asks how to cure, use a vacuum bag to cure, it does work!, vacuum marinator, dry cure, nitrates, they have been in cured meats for centuries, you can through a pork belly overnight in a vacuum bag, things that are cured over a long period of time for flavor should be done naturally, Jason wants to know the best way to cook a skinless chicken breast, Dave doesn't like to vacuum the chicken, ziplock bags, immersion circulator, these preps are good for chopping up chicken cold into salad, Michael Laiskonis, Dave was in Cape Cod for 4th of July, lobsters, size limit, as lobsters get older they bear more eggs, old female lobsters are valuable, 20lbs lobster,
cocktails, Dave will be heading to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, B.R. Guest, ice type doesn't make as much of a difference as people think, how much water should you add to a pre batch cocktail?, it's very hard to pre batch a shaking cocktail, you really do need to shake a cocktail to get the texture right, stirring a chilling and diluting process, choose a stirred drink to do pre batch drinks with, Czimers, butchers, Chicago, bizzare rare meats, beaver, lion, racoon, bear, some people get lions as pets or use lions to breed, when nobody wants it anymore an animal broker takes it, if they can't sell it the lion is killed, the skin is sold for fur, the meat is a byproduct, czimers buys that meat, Yak, beaver tails, the tail used to be considered fish to Catholics, they could eat in on a fast day, whale is labeled as a fish, Douglas Baldwin, sous vide, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, The Fat Duck, eGullet,

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