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This week on Cooking Issues Dave answered an email question regarding arguably the most delectable (and until the discovery of the ghost pepper, the hottest) of all peppers: the habanero. The listener was intent on neutralizing the heat of a habanero without killing the delightful floral aroma or taste, and wanted to do so without the use of a roto-vap. Topics covered this week also included the science of cooling and distilling a cocktail, the benefits of buying restaurant equipment from former drug fronts, and the legal issues involved in cooking and eating game. Plus Dave attempted help a listener cook fluffier farro. This episode was sponsored by Fairway: like no other market.

Photo 1: Habanero Chillies, Photo 2: Beaver, Photo 3: Yak, Photo 4: Farro

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Dave Arnold, Cooking Issues, French Culinary Institute, Nastassia Lopez, Heritage Radio Network, Fairway Market, Dave just got back from Tales of the Cocktail, The Science of Stirring, what is the basic science behind stirring a cocktail, shaking style doesn't make that much of a difference nor does ice, ice used at a bar is almost always right at the melting point, ice doesn't have much extra energy in it, the melting of ice does the chilling, there is no dilution without chilling and no chilling without dilution, email question: why do some things taste better the next day?, potatoes can take an off flavor when stored, meats taste wormed over when they are chilled or reheated, fat oxidation, levels of volital compounds can change in the refrigerator, my mom wants to know if she can put a frozen piece of meat into a croc pot, freezing technique, the hallmark of improperly frozen foods is drip loss, will putting your face in front of a microwave hurt you?, the inside of the microwave is all metal, there is a shield over the grate, the holes in the shield are designed to not allow microwaves through, if you put your eyes against that grate you might absorb some microwaves, microwaves are similar to radar technology, yes!,
what can a home cook to do freeze foods and sauces that won't break when you freeze them, liquid nitrogen, you get less drip loss with liquid nitrogen, guar gum can act as a stabalizer, you can make an ice slush with 25% salt, put your foods in a bad and immerse them in a slush, will freeze very quickly, what's a good way to thaw?, it's easier to freeze something quickly than it is to thaw it, ice is a much better heat conductor than water, it takes more energy to heat ice than water, the best way to speed thaw is to put it in a bag and under running water, they have been superseded by ghost peppers, surgical method for removing the heat from the pepper, the roto vap is the best way to do this, you might be able to do regular distillation without a roto vap, simple stove top distillation, turns peppers to mush, do we have any comments on aeropress coffee filtration?, Jeffrey Steingarten, pressurized coffee system, Dave only drinks espresso, he bought a restaurant espresso machine from a restaurant shut down from the drug administration, they held a restaurant auction after all the food had spoiled, habaneros, peelzyne,
Dave ordered a bunch of odd meats from a butcher in Chicago, America used to be the game food capital of the world, it used to all be legal to spend, you are not allowed to sell food that you hunt, the birds that you are allowed to kill are highly regulated, migration birds, they get super fat and caught and eaten, rice bird, lion meat, lion tastes a bit like pork chop, bloody mineral aftertaste, whole racoon, doesn't have that much meat on it, beaver tastes delicious, beaver was cooked for two days, woody pulled pork, the flapper is mainly fat and skin, yak was cooked for a whole day, yak was savory and delicious, duck and tuna notes, these are all old animals, caller question, cooking farro, use a pressure cooker, should cook similar to a rye berry, try using excess liquid, Cesare Casella, Cesare cooks it risotto style, Louis DiPaolo, Ortolan, Bob-o-link, bear,

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