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Cocktail journalist and mixologist Dave Wondrich visits Cooking Issues to enlighten listeners on the current state of the punch bowl, classic Dutch distillation, where to find the best mixed drinks, and what actually makes punch punch. This episode was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

Photo 1: Dave Wondrich, Photo 2: elegant "punch"

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Dave Wondrich, Cooking Issues, Heritage Radio Network, Nastassia Lopez, Dave Arnold, Whole Foods Market, email question: vegetarian chef wants to know how to do umami, we get the sensation from protein breakdown, aged dairy product forms amino acids when they break down, tomato has umami in it, is sous vide useful for somebody who doesn't cook meat, absolutely, it allows you to cook a carrot and have no flavor leech out and nothing go into it, use it to accentuate vegetable flavor, Punch: The Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl, where do punches fit into a modern cocktail menu?, you get tired of pungent punch after a while, modern punches are very spicy, consumers expect something more like a cocktail, punch used to be like artificial wine, dilution in cocktails, shaking and stirring with ice should add 25%, you want your shaking drink to be more diluted than a Manhattan, stirring vs shaking, it depends on what type of ice you use, you can make a drink faster by stirring if you use cracked ice, ice has a lot of water sitting on the outside of it, when you crack it you get more surface area, it's good practice to crack the big ice,
Booze, mixology, molecular mixology is a horrible thing, new, different, fun and not overly pretentious, eat your cocktail, drink your appetizer, Tony Coniliaro, 69 Colebrooke Row, rifle games at bars, don't be pretentious, make delicious drinks, coming up with drinks that don't taste like something else, Dave makes a living using new techniques, the goal should be to make something that has legs, distillation, Tales of the Cocktail, regulation, microbooze, caller question, who are the best mixologists in New York City, Death & Company, PDT, it depends on what kind of drink you want, Painkiller, drinks out of half pint apples, we are in the golden age of drinks, craft distilling, Dave wants to see them making stuff he's never tasted before, it takes years to age whiskey, that's what it takes to make well aged spirits, there is speed aging going on, that can work sometimes but is not the same as the true process, there is no need to keep making gin and vodka the same way everybody else does!, 200 proof ethanol,
Imbibe!: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, unique premise for cocktail books, Imbibe was the first cocktail book acknowledging that there are many others that came before, how did American bartending evolve and become what it is?, hunger for history, recapturing lost knowledge, David Wondrich previews his new book on the history of punch, English drinks, some people say punch comes from the Indian word from 5, 5 ingredients to punch: strong spirits. sugar. water. citrus. spice., food etymology, the history of punch is a tangled tale, punch was originally as serious as a martini, Dave gives a recipe for punch, you can bottle punch ant the flavor will change, not worse but different, the Punch book comes out November 2nd, last question: what are safe cocktails to order at a dive bar, Meyers on the rocks with a splash of pineapple juice,

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