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This week, Erica pays homage to all foods yellow. Specifically, we learn about the mind body benefits of the under-appreciated turmeric plant and the rich cultural and personal history of Cheese Doodles. This show was brought to you by Hearst Ranch, purveyors of fine grass-fed beef.

Photo 1: Morrie Yohai, inventor of the Cheez Doodle, Photo 2: turmeric powder

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yellow foods, Erica reads her news online, she doesn't like the smell and feel of newspaper, plus: it creates too much waste, New York Times, Mitch Miller died this week, Sing Along with Mitch, the inventor of the Cheez Doodle died!, Morrie Yohai, the most opposite food form of the breakfast Erica ate, edible food like substance, surplus corn mean turned into a slurry and put it through a machine that sprays it, mixed with air injected with gas and shot out as a big long continuous worm, sliced by blades into two inch doodles, doodles are sprayed with dehydrated cheddar cheese power then baked, Cracker Jacks, Erica was not allowed to have junk foods in her house, Erica remembers what Cheez Doodles meant to her as a child, Erica vowed as a child that when she grew up she would live on junk food,

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