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This week on Cooking Issues Dave and Nastassia spoke about the scientific wonders of Miracle Fruit, buying a Dutch Oven, cooking pasta as if it were risotto, fixing (and cleaning!) a refrigerated centrifuge from Ebay via a blood bank, plus a fascinating and brief history of the Tichborne Dole. This episode was sponsored by Fairway: like no other market.

Photo 1: Mircale Fruit, Photo 2: The Tichborne Dole

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Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold, Fairway Market, mircale fruit, Miraculin, binds to your sweet receptors, causes things that taste sour to also activate your sweet receptors, flavor tripping parties, if you want to try under controlled circumstances come to the Harold McGee lecture series, there is also a substance that erases your sense of sweet, dutch ovens, why use a plastic knob?, you can use any knob you want, be careful you don't get your enamel cast iron too too hot, check the cast iron cookware post on Cooking Issues, Dave's advice for cooking pasta, Cesare Casella, he sometimes cooks his pasta like risotto, add salt for flavor, boiling water is a fine temperature to use, pre soak dry method, pre soak dry paste, reducing cooking time, meat glue question, are there local sources of meat glue, meat glue is an enzyme that you can use to bind proteins together, totally natural, you usually have to invest in a kilo of it, desire for meat glue amongst chefs has increased, Ajinomoto,
email question about ice, the fundamental rule of all cocktails: there is no chilling other than from dilution, there is no dilution without chilling, the only way ice can chill is through melting, in a stirred drink it will get colder with small ice, ice is ice from a physics standpoint, depends on surface area, how effective are you shaking?, centrifuge, good for delicious nut oils, olive oil, clarified fruit juice, refrigerated centrifuge, Dave won it on ebay for $99!, equipment troubleshooting, it's a good sign when you plug something in and nothing happens at all, a pressure cooking is a poor persons autoclave, getting meat tender with food safety issues in mind, sous vide, combi oven, 65 degrees celcuis should be enough for turkey, cvap oven,
cooking tender but safe meat, beef techniques, c vap oven, you can't accurately control the temperature of a regular oven, moisture always evaporates off your food and changes the temperature of the oven, you can set humidity of 100% on a cvap, low temperature work with a circulator and sous vide, there is little potential for re contamination with sous vide, Fix The Pumps, Darcy O'Neil, soda fountain, recipes for making your own mineral water, seltzer was originally water from a place in Germany, magnesium chloride, tofu coagulant, magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts, bottled waters used to be known as purgative, carbonation, bitterness, calcium carbonate modifies the bubbles, it's not very soluble, they added some phosphoric acid, Co2 water, Nastassia doesn't like any of the mineral waters, Mineral Waters of Europe, Google Books, the story of The Tichborne Dole, The Crawls, The Curse,

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