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This week on Cooking Issues Dave and Stassia sit down with Jeffrey Steingarten, Vogue food critic and Iron Chef America judge. A bevy of callers chimed in to ask about everything from the vegetarian potential of meat glue to how to get the most out of MSG (and the myths that prevent meeting that potential). Callers also wondered what equipment will get you the best juice and smoothie action and whether or not that food on Iron Chef was actually delicious or not. Don't miss this chance to hear an east coast food legend speak among friends about the subject he loves most. This episode was sponsored by Tekserve: your one-stop shop for all things Mac.

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Jeffrey Steingarten, Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold, Jeffrey takes Iron Chef very seriously, chefs don't want their reputations destroyed, after chefs win Iron Chef they get tons of business, food myths, you can't eat oysters in months without an r?, Jeffrey just ordered a pig jowl from Heritage Foods USA, how do you develop a palate?, eat everything you can!, all of us have about the same taste buds, there are some super tasters, Jeffrey became a perfect omnivore, except for insects and desserts at Indian restaurants, deep fried bamboo worms, to become a critical cook or critical eater you should eat things you don't like, caller from Los Angeles, how good is the food REALLY on Iron Chef?, Jeffrey has been surprised at how good it is, the actual Iron Chefs make some incredible dishes, it's hard to judge combination you've never had before, Wiley DuFresne was a contestant on Iron Chef against Mario Batali, Tilapia, Jeffrey has a personal bias against brush work on a plate, they had to use Tilapia on the show, it's a hard fish to cook, nobody liked Wiley's dessert, caller is a private chef, client loves when he makes a souffle, pre preparing souffle?, egg white foam, gelatin, Ceragenin,
clam purging, Dave would not purge a clam in fresh water, corn meal to get the clams eating, Dave tried getting snails to eat rosemary but was not successful, fattening snails on milk, Etruscan snail varity, question about avocado puree, don't put the pit in the puree, what else can you use besides citrus juice, ascorbic acid, has more anti oxidant power and less acid taste than a lime, Vitamin C Powder, which juicer is the best, there is no single thing that will juice all things well, Vita Prep, Champion Juicer, there are a few things you should be worried about with blending, tip speed, sharpness of blades, pitcher design, Nutrifaster, are there any meat glue applications for vegetables?, can melons be compressed without a vacuum machine, Jeffrey has never eaten anything with meat glue that was worth eating, traditional turducken is an abomination, you can't overcook duck in fat or sauces, some people don't like to cut around cartilage, the flatiron isn't the best steak to eat according to Jeffrey, reducing capsaicin levels in peppers, you could melt the top layer away with an enzyme but then you would contaminate a pepper, you should use a knife, Aji Dulce, potato puree, its not peeling the outside its peeling the inside, any contamination and the whole process is ruined, is there a secret to using MSG to help blend favors, Dave suggests not to use too much, MSG has been used in Asia for many many years, Jeffrey wrote early about debunking myths about MSG, Why Doesn't Everybody in China Have a Headache, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, most of the time MSG is not properly blended, MSG is produced by microbial fermentation, if that is not done properly there could be other compounds that would give a negative reaction, fermentation and purification techniques have gotten better, Kent Kirshenbaum, brain damage and MSG, there has thus far only been an attempt to remove salt from fast food not sodium, salt reduction, people should read and publish more research, not enough people do proper nutritional research, campaign against salt, Jeffrey talks about the perfect french fries and horse fat,

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