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This week on Cooking Issues Dave and Nastassia tackle a bevy of questions and add some sage advice on all-you-can-eat restaurants for good measure. Dave helps a new college student sans kitchen (or even a hotplate) by explaining how to smelt metal in her microwave (seriously), and lends a hand to a fledgling food writer. This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch: purveyors of grass-fed beef from the coast of California.

Photo: Aunt Ruby German Green Tomato

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Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold, Nastassia Lopez, email question, how do you cook in a dorm room?, induction burners are totally safe and should be allowed, you might have to convince th RA, Westinghouse Turkey Oven, sous vide cooking, immersion circulator, allows you to heat water to an accurate temperature, you can achieve stunning results in a small amount of space, you don't need to vacuum seal you can use ziplock bags, don't make your own or buy one on Ebay, silicon carbide sharpening stones, put them in the microwave, those blocks will be glowing red hot, they absorb microwaves, you can smelt metal, they become searing stones, caller question on sous vide pot roast, sometimes used circulators aren't the best, grass fed beef, cook for 2 days at 62 degrees, 60 degrees celcius for 48 to 50 hours on a short rib, career question, how can one get a job as a reasearcher?, writing is a good way to start, consultancy work, high tech catering opportunities, heritage chicken that smells sulfuric, is it safe to eat?, the bag is still tight, give it a quick drip rinse in water or some vinegar, don't serve food that makes you nervous to other people, Nastassia was scared to eat the bear that Dave cooked,

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