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This week on Snacky Tunes Finger on the Pulse have a chat with the ladies of Le Fooding, the New York chapter of a French culinary society that began long ago in France and continues here in New York City. They discuss their upcoming Le Grand Fooding, a culinary showdown inspired by "fightin' woids" uttered by David Chang about San Francisco, who now must (along with other superstar NYC chefs) back up his smack talk against a group of star chefs from San Francisco. This episode also finds the biggest and most intense live performance ever to grace Snacky Tunes, as the 9-piece Midnight Magic performs live and discusses what its like to be Finger on the Pulse's new favorite band. This episode was sponsored by Fairway: like no other market.

Photo 1: Le Fooding event in France, Photo 2: Midnight Magic

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Midnight Magic is playing live today!, percussion horn bass wurlitzer vocals, nice summer arc, diets change at turning of seasons, Anna and Constance from Le Fooding, Le Fooding is a French movement created ten years ago, its a gastronomic guide, Le Grand Fooding, September 24 & 25, last years event was a huge gastronomic picnic, this year is a cook off at PS1, New York vs San Francisco, they used to work with David Chang, Chang dissing San Francisco food, what are the chefs fighting for?, there won't be judges, the point is to have fun, David Chang, Nate Appleman, Dan Barber, Laurence Jossel, Robert Newton, James Syhabout, Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone, Melissa Perello, Jeremy Fox, Dan Barber created a special new vegetable for the event, no one wins, New York is more about restaurants and SF is more about food, in terms of music people come from both cities, Dan the Automator, Grissly Bear, all the DJs love to eat, Le Fooding is having another Grand Fooding,, sales open September 13 for the event 24 & 25, Fairway Market,

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