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This week on Cooking Issues Dave and Nastassia take a caller's query on making chocolate at home, and delve into the world of "chocolate alchemy" with a crash course on the melanger--the heavy machinery of the chocolate world. Dave also addresses at-home carbonation techniques, including a double-shot technique for the heavy bubble purists. Finally Dave drops science with a quick shaken vs stirred breakdown that would make James Bond blush. This episode was sponsored by The Barterhouse.

Photo: Chocolate melanger

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there will be no live show next week!, Dave will be teaching sous vide cooking, email question:, making frozen slushies with a soda siphon, mohitos, super freezing, shaken drinks are more diluted than you think, shaken and stirred drinks are different, stirred drinks are less diluted than shaken drinks, shaken drinks are airated more, dilute your drink first then put it in the shaker, Audrey Saunders, mixology, liquor, alcohol, mixed drinks, cocktails, caller question about carbonating cocktails, air is the enemy of carbonation, Dave likes to carbonate gin drinks, you should fine tune the amount of Co2 put into a drink, one tank of Co2 will do 200-400 gallons of drink, Co2 is more soluable in alcohol than water, you need to add more Co2 than you should in water,

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