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Wednesdays at 5:00PM EST

Phil Colicchio, a practicing attorney who represents the interests of chefs, restaurateurs, investors, hotel owners and management groups, gives insight into the business side of the food world. Each week on the business of The Business, Phil speaks with industry leaders, innovators and experienced hospitality professionals about their successes and failures in “The Business.” Insightful and educational conversations range from the economics of celebrity chef-dom, restaurant planning, development, investment and operation, hotel and resort food & beverage operations, the wine and spirits industries, and the micro-economies they have spawned.

Phil Colicchio is a practicing attorney (licensed in NY, NJ and PA) and a founder of the law firm Taylor, Colicchio & Silverman, LLP. He concentrates his practice in the Hospitality Industry, representing the interests of chefs, restaurateurs, investors, hotel owners and management groups, resort developers and operators, as well as sports and entertainment venues. Phil has structured many well known restaurant entities and is an internationally recognized expert on third party food & beverage operation and licensing agreements involving chefs, restaurants and hotels. Phil is also the principal of Colicchio Consulting, LLC, an advisory group dedicated to merging culinary talent with the hotel, sports, music and entertainment industries. He is a consultant to the hospitality training programs at Auburn University and the City of Philadelphia School District, and is an appointed member of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

Phil Colicchio at Roberta's in Bushwick, Brooklyn