HRN on Sandy
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Superstorm Sandy has wreaked destruction on restaurants across the Northeast region, forced retailers to close, created mass food insecurity and back-ups at ports, and challenged our agricultural and fishing communities. The impacts will be felt for the weeks and months to come. Our coverage of Superstorm Sandy includes over 30 interviews with restaurant owners, small food business entrepreneurs, distribution and transportation companies, hunger relief organizations, farmland advocates, and more.

Restaurants and small food businesses across the region remain without power, and have suffered significant loss of inventory, equipment, and revenue. Staff has gone days without employment and are unsure of when they will be back to work. Some businesses may not re-open.

Food entrepreneurs and restaurants in heavily impacted areas of Red Hook and Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn, are working together to feed each other and navigate the logistics of insurance claims, FEMA, and state or federal disaster relief. They need your support.

Clogged roadways, compromised ports, gas shortages, and continued power outages are a challenge for distribution companies as they attempt to replenish food supplies at stores and restaurants impacted by the storm.

Farmers have missed multiple market days and fishermen in the Northeast are concerned about the halt of demand for fish from closed restaurants and shops.

Relief agencies are working overtime to feed the influx of people without electricity or food, but their job will not be done when the power returns.